IDE Support



VS Code#

The Melos extension integrates Melos with VS Code.


The extension provides validation and autocompletion of melos.yaml and allows you to run scripts through CodeLenses:

melos.yaml in VS Code

Melos scripts as tasks#

Melos scripts are provided as VS Code tasks:

Tasks provided to VS Code

To configure a task that run a Melos script, use task type melos:

// .vscode/tasks.json
  "version": "2.0.0",
  "tasks": [
      "type": "melos",
      "script": "test",
      "label": "melos: test"


The following commands are available in the command palette:

  • Melos: Bootstrap to run melos bootstrap
  • Melos: Clean to run melos clean
  • Melos: Run script to select and run a Melos script
  • Melos: Show package graph to show the package graph of the Melos workspace
Melos commands in VS Code command palette

Package graph#

The dependency graph of packages in the Melos workspace can be viewed by running the Melos: Show package graph command.

Show package graph in VS Code