Format Command

Supports all Melos filtering flags.

The format command is used to format the code in your Melos workspace according to Dart's formatting standards.

melos format

To learn more, visit the Dart format documentation.


Return exit code 1 if there are any formatting changes. This flag is particularly useful in CI/CD pipelines to automatically detect and reject commits that do not adhere to the formatting standards, ensuring code quality.

melos format --set-exit-if-changed

By default, dart format overwrites the Dart files.


This option is useful when you want to review formatting changes without directly overwriting your files.

melos format --output
# or
melos format --o

Outputs the formatted code to the console.

melos format -o show

Outputs the formatted code as a JSON object

melos format -o json

Lists the files that would be formatted, without showing the formatted content or making changes.

melos format -o none

concurrency (-c)#

Defines the max concurrency value of how many packages will execute the command in at any one time. Defaults to 1.

# Set a 5 concurrency
melos format -c 5