Automated Releases

Melos is able to automatically version, generate changelogs and publish to automatically. It's also intelligent enough to detect any package dependencies which require a new version too.

Your Git project must be using Conventional Commits, a widely used specification for commit messages which are readable by humans and machines. Melos parses messages and detects exactly what sort of version upgrade is required.

Not using Conventional Commits?#

If an existing Git project is already established and does not use Conventional Commits, it is still possible to adopt the convention and use Melos for future releases.

TODO how to adopt conventional commits with melos docs


TODO docs on:

  • Scoping
  • Major/minor/patches
  • build versions
  • dependency versioning
  • bad commit messages?


To publish packages on you must:

  1. Have permission to publish all the packages.
  2. Be on a machine which is authenticated with Pub (read: not possible to publish via CIs).

Internally, Melos uses pub publish to publish the packages.

Once you have versioned your packages, run the publish command to check everything is good to go:

melos publish

By default, a dry-run is performed (nothing will be published).

Once satisfied with your pending releases, release them to

melos publish --no-dry-run