IDE Support


Melos integrates with IntelliJ via the generation of IntelliJ project module files (.iml files) during melos bootstrap.

Melos will create an IntelliJ project module for each package in your Melos workspace, and will create flutter and dart Run configurations for your main.darts and your package's test suite.

Generated Run configurations


Autocompletion and validation of melos.yaml can be enabled in IntelliJ by going to Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Schemas and DTDs > JSON Schema Mappings and adding the Melos schema:

Schema settings

VS Code#

The Melos extension integrates Melos with VS Code.


The extension provides validation and autocompletion of melos.yaml and allows you to run scripts through CodeLenses:

melos.yaml in VS Code

Melos scripts as tasks#

Melos scripts are provided as VS Code tasks:

Tasks provided to VS Code

To configure a task that runs a Melos script, use task type melos:

// .vscode/tasks.json
  "version": "2.0.0",
  "tasks": [
      "type": "melos",
      "script": "test",
      "label": "melos: test"


The following commands are available in the command palette:

  • Melos: Bootstrap to run melos bootstrap
  • Melos: Clean to run melos clean
  • Melos: Run script to select and run a Melos script
  • Melos: Show package graph to show the package graph of the Melos workspace

Melos commands in VS Code command palette

Package graph#

The dependency graph of packages in the Melos workspace can be viewed by running the Melos: Show package graph command.

Show package graph in VS Code