Exec Command

Supports all Melos filtering flags.

Execute an arbitrary command in each package.

melos exec
# e.g. melos exec -- pub global run tuneup check

The command is executed in a shell. On Windows the shell is cmd.exe and on all other platforms it is sh.

If multiple commands are being executed and no further commands should be executed after a command has failed, connect the commands with &&:

melos exec -- "melos bootstrap && melos run build"

It is important to pass multiple commands as a single string to melos exec, otherwise the shell will pass only the first command to melos exec.

concurrency (-c)#

Defines the max concurrency value of how many packages will execute the command in at any one time. Defaults to 5.

# Set a 1 concurrency
melos exec -c 1  -- "dart analyze ."


Whether exec should fail fast and not execute the script in further packages if the script fails in an individual package. Defaults to false.

# Fail fast
melos exec --fail-fast -- "dart analyze ."